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Founded in 2018, Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency was created in order to demonstrate that art can transform individuals and societies. With its residency program, production facilities and two gallery spaces in central Athens, Phoenix Athens has hosted over 70 artists in residence and exhibited over 100 creative practitioners from Greece and abroad. A neighbourhood friendly, artist-run space, it continues to maintain a viable bridge between Athenians and the  international creative community.


The Villa Exarchia Residency Progam offers artists, academics and creatives from all walks of life with lodging, facilities and an exhibition. This unique residency program focuses upon craft, theory and cultural engagement with exciting possibilities for networking with other creative practitioners in Greece. The location is central, providing residents with proximity to the Acropolis, and the many nearby museums and galleries.

Activities at Phoenix Athens include public workshops, performances and events by visiting local and international artists. An important feature of Phoenix Athens is that we focus on social justice an ecology. We warmly invite candidates to apply for the residency for the urban ecology program : Green Athens.

Creative collaborations to exhibit and participate are reviewed on a rolling basis. For information about any of these, or hiring an exhibition space, please refer to our dedicated Gallery Page or send us an email.

OPENINNG : Wednesday Nov. 15 From 6 to 10pm

TELLING TALES : New works by Frances Willoughby

Dates : Wednesday Nov. 15 - Sunday Nov. 19

Through the lens of ancient stories, contemporary perspectives, Willoughby's new series Telling Tales confronts personal trauma, family history, fear and desire.

This new body of work challenges viewers to reconsider and interrogate their understanding of fundamental aspects of the human experience.

Telling Tales will be on display from Wednesday November 15- Sunday November 19th at Phoenix Gallery 1 on Asklipiou 87.


See more of Frances Willoughby's work here.

Ongoing and through Nov. 19th

ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ (resistance)
Paintings and Sculptures by Kostas Nassikas


Kostas Nassikas is a self-directed artist of Greek origin, based in Lyon, France. His practice in mixed-media painting and organic sculpture is informed by his journeys and a career in psychology.

The exhibition "ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ" takes its name from the Greek word for resistance. It is a testament to this artist's personal journey and his enduring vision.

To learn more about Nassika's work : 

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