Phoenix Athens now accepts applications for the upcoming exhibition based on Urban Ecology: Ecological Art in Athens Today.


This exhibition will address the ways in which art and design may be used to impress, inspire or trigger “green” changes and reform in the context of the unique and dynamic landscape of Athens.


Six to eight creatives will be selected to participate in this unique exhibition to be held between September and October 2019 at the Phoenix Athens galleries. One selected candidate will be provided with a subsidized residency in the form of free accommodation for the duration of one month. A second and third place will be awarded to candidates to partially fund travel costs/ offer lodging. The work of selected artists will be exhibited in the exhibition spaces at Phoenix Athens and archived for a small publication. 


Creatives to include artists, designers, architects and academics will suggest the ways in which adaptive or innovative ideas and solutions serve to beautify, improve or comment intelligently upon the challenges of the urban environment in Athens. Preference will be given to artists or researchers who :

1)  Possess a clear and identifiable focus in their practice, one that suggests or proposes new solutions and possibilities for sustainable growth through ecological art or design.

2) Who are able to provide tangible works of art, design or material output which exhibit a high level of craftsmanship and execution.

3) provide an outwards facing presentation or workshop to inform and connect with members of the community of Athens. 

4) creatives who produce commercially viable work are also more than welcome to submit. 


Artists of all ages and backgrounds are invited to apply. Academics and writers are encouraged to submit examples of their most compelling research or writing(s) on the topic of ecology. Teams of up to two creatives are welcome. If you are applying as a team, please do be sure to indicate this in your application.


Phoenix Athens aims to bridge class divides while providing access to the solutions that creatives can provide. Preference will be given to forward thinking, tangible and innovative solutions that can be formulated through, but are not limited to art and design. Preference will be given to artists and creatives who wish to respond or comment upon to the current and ongoing ecological problems linked to the cultural and urban landscape of Athens.

In order to apply, please forward a short proposal alongside your CV/artist statement and a pdf sample of your work(or website) to:

Photography Workshop

Phoenix Athens in collaboration with the photographer/teacher Athanasia Panagea offer a 4 session photography workshop at the Phoenix Athens gallery space. The workshop will focus on the process of producing a portrait. 

People from all backgrounds and levels are welcomed to join the classes!!

Each session will cover practical and theoretical aspects including:

theory and history, applied photography, photography in practice, projection and discussion

Sessions: 4, 11, 18 February & 4 March

For Further details and to book your place contact:


Heads! We need more Heads!!

Phoenix Athens presents a 10-day clay sculpture workshop with internationally acclaimed sculptor Poul R. Weile


The intention is to make one life size head every day. These sculptures will not be fired but left to dry naturally. 

There is a saying among Sculptors that sculpture lives in clay, dies in plaster and is resurrected in bronze. Since the beginning of time, humans have used clay to express their thoughts, visions and feelings.


Poul creates a free-play between classical approaches and reinventing forms and perspectives in art through abstraction. With a background that is firmly rooted in classical sculpture he uses free-play to redefine how we perceive and understand notions of mind and body.


This is a wonderful to have your work exhibited. You will be invited to show your head as part of a group installation at Phoenix Athens’ new gallery space on 89 Asklipiou on Oct. 18th. 

Interactive Open Studio

Mary Conroy, our current artist in residence opens her studio to the public just for a day!!

You are invited to stop by the studio and make a clay dove while exchanging information  & stories related to urban wild life and our connections with nature in the city.

Monday 24th September

@ Phoenix Athens 2nd floor

12 pm - 6 pm

The purpose of this event is to facilitate dialogue between the artist and the local residents, art creatives and curious minds who would like to understand more about Mary's process, practice & research. 

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Phoenix Athens and Villa Exarchia are now accepting proposals from artists around the world to be a part of the arts residency exhibition.


Who should apply:

All artists who would like to explore the Athenian art scene and develop their research/practice within a gallery context. 

Residency Length:

1 week- 2 months depending on proposal


An outlined proposal stating why you would like to be a part of the Villa Exarchia residency as well as a recent copy of your CV.


Artists are asked to create a final piece ( depending on their practice) which will be exhibited at Phoenix Athens gallery after the end of the residency course. 

Residency artists are encouraged to create a talk or workshop to present their practice to the public.

Open studios are also scheduled for artists in order to present their progress of their work.

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Phoenix Athens very proudly announces the winners of the 2 prizes for the Brave New Worlds show.

2nd prize winner: Alexandors Tzallas

3d prize winner: Gareth Bunting

A big THANK YOU to everyone that submited and made work for this show!! It was all truly amazing

Art in the Khora

We are very proud to be hosting a talk/ discussion, by Khora as a part of our public programme, for Brave New Worlds.

Jo, Camilla and Mahmoud who work at the Khora Community Centre will begin the discussion by focusing on the theme of our current exhibition which is immigration, diaspora, and relocation.

How important is to practice art in a community centre, the challenges faced and the outcome of this work



Period: June (exact days TBC) 

Application Deadline: 29.05.18 midnight



Phoenix Athens invites artists from all around the world to work on the idea of ecology and organic processes both in art and design. This show intends to bring together the aspects of recycling and ecological consciousness in the form of the artistic practice.

Candidates are required to draw upon both contemporary and ancient archaeological references and get inspired by the physical landscape as well as materials around the city.

Phoenix Athens would like to demonstrate how artists and designers can develop fresh perspectives on ecology in relation to art and design. The artists are further encouraged to explore ways in which their projects can carry forward in forms of economic growth.

The exhibition showcases conferences and practical workshops to demonstrate how art and design are both interrelated and informed by the landscape and ecology of urban and rural Greece. A parallel programme with educational events that celebrate the ecology of Athens will take place throughout the course of this show.


Phoenix Athens welcomes artists from all around the world to work on the above ideas using a broad range of techniques and materials, such as design, mixed media, organic sculpture, performance and photography.


Phoenix Athens is a self-funded enterprise. A processing fee of 7 EUR for submissions is required.


Submission requirements:

Please include 7 images of your most recent work in addition to a short artist’s statement.

Art on a T-shirt

Just an extra reason to visit the gallery!! WD's t'shirts are now in the premisses. 



Aleksandra will be giving classes on visual perception and Art theory in 5 two-hour lessons. People from all levels are welcomed to participate.


Class activities indicates both practical and theoretical skills, emphasize the discussion. Five assignments are suppose to be accomplished until the end of the school year. Students are allowed to work both at the class room and home. The classroom is a place to receive help and advise. Every assignment is preceded by theoretical introduction and discussion. 


Visual perception and art theory are issues important for lot of types of artists. Understanding theoretical problems of developing image, helps to express the artistic concept in more efficient way. That’s why its so important for artists, designers, animators to understand complexity of the process of creating an image and to learn how to use artistic forms intentionally and consciously. 


Aleksandra is a multidisciplinary artist based in Athens. Her work has been featured in Loving Vincent movie, Breakthru films as well as in solo and group exhibitions, such as: Van Gogh Revisited, Homerion Cultural Centre, Chios, Greece; Stalowa Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, etc.

Please contact for a detailed plan of this course.

An afternoon with Giorgos Gousis 

28.03.18 @ 8pm

FREE admission 


We are very excited to host a talk/presentation by the illustrator Giorgos Gousis at Phoenix Athens. George Gousis is a writer and illustrator based in Athens.


This Wednesday at Phoenix Athens, he presents making of one of his most recent projects an adaptation of the romance novel “Erotokritos” by Vitsentzos Kornaros. His presentation will provide guests with insight into the name and meaning of this novel, the process of adapting a lyrical romance to the narrative or comic book format as well as his reasons for choosing the story. Phoenix Athens will be holding a series of workshops and presentations in tandem with its upcoming exhibition “Brave New Worlds” in which highlights the key importance of storytelling in the context of immigration as well as Athens’ dynamic past, present and future.


George Gousis was born in 1986 in Athens. In 2005 he won the third prize for new talents organized by magazine 9 and for the next few years he created short stories for the 9thand Galera . He has also collaborated with publications such as the Journal of Editors , Vima , Athens Voice and The News.

Join us for a yoga class for a good cause.


All-levels yoga: Creative healing with Zoja at Phoenix Athens Gallery



Yoga instructor: Zoja Smutny

Price: 7 euros for 1 class or 40 euros for 6 classes

Saturdays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 7:30 pm

March 24 &31st

April 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25, 28

Phoenix Athens Gallery and Zoja Smutny present 6 yoga classes this spring to help you engage with your creativity by opening the channels surrounded by beautiful art. The classes will help you to focus on restorative postures, breathing, and meditation and will help to clear your energy pathways and leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.


*Part of the proceeds go towards raising money for sanitary pads and diapers for refugee and migrant women in Athens (if you want more info about the pad project contact Zoja directly).

This yoga class will be taught in both greek and english.


We encourage you to bring your own mats.


Brave New Worlds Residency Award

Phoenix Athens proudly announces Lydia Denno as the winner of the 1st prize for the illustration show Brave New Worlds.  Lydia will have the chance to complete a residency in the Phoenix Athens space during the course of the show. 


Lydia Denno is a multitalented artist  with a 10 year experience as a theatre designer. Lydia has just completed her MA in authorial illustration with her focus towards the stage that is the page and the reader. 

Her editions work as a sculptural piece with the equal importance of words, illustration and narration. Her illustrative work is concerned with the relationship between 'lines'; travelled, drawn and written.



Period: 12April-21May 

Application Deadline: 14.03.18 midday

Phoenix Athens is now accepting submissions from European as well as international artists for an illustration exhibition which addresses the topic of personal identity in the face of migration. The exhibition which will feature up to six artists (3 local and 3 international) runs from April 12 and continues until the 21st of May, 2018.


Phoenix Athens will support three artists who can successfully execute the theme from a visual, conceptual and aesthetic standpoint. Artists are asked to submit stories that demonstrate how displacement, immigration has affected them and to highlight the challenges faced during relocation. Artists who wish to engage with or draw inspiration from the local environment in Athens  and artists developing a career in illustration are especially encouraged to apply. All eligible artists will be invited to collaborate and include their work in a small publication which will bear the title of the Exhibition: Brave New Worlds.


The 1st prize is a five-week residency in Athens for the artists to develop their practice both before and during the exhibition. The residency space is a fully equipped live-work space with cooking facilities.

2nd Prize: 200 euros

3d Prize: 100 euros


This event coincided with Athens’ very own comic and graphic illustration fair “Comicdom.” Comicdom takes place from April 20-22nd offers illustrators with the opportunity to network with international publishers who will be in town for the event.

Please see:


Phoenix Athens is a gallery and residency space in the heart of Athens. Its location between upscale Kolonaki and working class/immigrant communities of Exarcheia and Neapoli make it a key place to examine and reflect upon the subject of immigration and geopolitics.

Phoenix Athens can provide letters of support for funding and recommend artists to the publishers at the event.


Phoenix Athens is a self-funded enterprise. A processing fee of 7 EUR for submissions is required.


Submission requirements:

Please include 7 images of your most recent work in addition to a short artist’s statement.

For further details about the competition Phoenix Athens please refer to the website:

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