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Ioustini Drakoulakou

The internal queries and the consequences as the result of the experiences thatoccur in one’s life have been the cornerstone on which my work has been based.Considering as crucial the liberation from the binarism of good/bad or black/white, Ioustini approaches her subjects more experientially rather than rationally. Through her images she is interested more in the evocation of feelings and experiences, rather than the creation of just an aesthetical pleasure.

Ilias Georgiadis

Ηis main interest focuses on the basis of the current social and interpersonal issues about human nature. An approach based on Europe which started in 2012 in Greece and continues until now.
Ilias’s debut series of work named "Over.State" has been shown in various international festivals, solo and group shows across the world and has been featured in on-line and printed publications.
"Over.State" -a story of a young and lost person trying to feel free and find love- is a personal adventure and the first attempt to depict a poetic representation of the author's own existential agony while exploring the emotional variations of the human condition. An effort to understand how we express freedom, intimacy and closeness; how we seek true connection with the inner self and the other. "Vialattea"(Ilias's latest body of work) captured the process of taking a deep breath after coping with the drama of the human condition. A natural process of moving forward while morphing the author's gaze into a galaxy of flashbacks and memories of light, either sometimes intelligible or even barely mentioned. A cinematographic variation of photography fast and melancholic as fragments of a life rethought from the window of a moving train.