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28 February - 1 April 2022

Angela Brown 

Angela Brown, in her exhibition Angels of Exarchia, explores the physical and cultural landscape of Athens and the relationship between the monumental and the human.


1 October - 30 October 2021

Prudence Horne

The small, brightly-colored works of Prudence Horne, reflect an interwoven sense of discovery and contemplation presented in the Chromatic States exhibition.


9 August - 9 October

Arturo Desimone

Arturo Desimone is a poet and an artist developing a series of drawings presented in the exhibition Ipnodromio.

Marble 3 detail - Sarah Zakaib.jpg

07 October- 01 December

Sarah Zakaib

Her practice is focused on the passage perception of time, simultaneously attempting to transcend and suspend it.


10 May - 15 July

Areez Katki

Areez Katki explores the nature of the queer relationships through drawing, embroidery and photography.


1 April - 1 June

Garth Roseth

Garth's practice revolves around the issues of costume design and elements of healing, dance and numerology.


1 January - 23 January

Conte Potuto

Conte Potuto is an artists collective founded in 2016 in Vienna. It engages a different number of people for each project.

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1 July - 14 July

Thomas Owen, KentaroK.

Thomas Anthony Owen and Kentaro Kumamomido form an artistic duo working across Europe and the US.


2 May - 21 May

Lydia Denno

Lydia Denno is an artist with a background in theatre , illustration  bookmaking

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16 November - 12 December 2021

Sarah Mackinnon

A multi-disciplinary artist from L.A., Mackinnon’s practice is informed by the liminal space where the organic meets the inorganic. Her work is presented in Weaving exhibition.

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1 October - 30 October 2021

Jim Kraus

For painter and sculptor Jim Kraus, painting is a way of documenting the beauty of nature he his travels. His artwork is presented in the exhibition Chromatic States.



Leipzig Academy

Leipzig Academy completed a three-week residency with the Phoenix Athens gallery.


05 September- 28 September

Effie Milos

The notions of separation  loss and belonging are explored through various mediums and techniques used through Milos' practice.

IMG_4752 2.jpg

1 June - 4 July

Gwen MacGregor

MacGregor's creative practice explores the experience and understanding of place.


12 April - 21 April

Nora Adwan/Ath. Pana

Nora Adwan and Athanasia Panagea are fine arts photographers currently working on a new photographic book.


2 October - 20 October

Poul R. Weille

Poul R. Weille is a Danish artist and sculptor educated on the Academy of Arts in Odense, Denmark from 1979 - 1984.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 15.51.12.png

8 June - 8 July

Tracey Fischer

Tracey Fischer is a sculptor based in the US working on the issued of patriarchy in the contemporary society.


31 October - 15 December 2021

Jordan Cantwell

Based in San Diego, Cantwell’s work is influenced by zoosophy, Mexican myths and impressionism. His artwork is presented in the DEUS ANIMAS exhibition.

Eleni points the finger w Todd L.jpg

5 July - 26 July 2021

Eleni Kolliopoulou

Eleni Kolliopoulou Eleni is a mixed-media artist and researcher developing a body of paintings presented in the exhibition Magnetic Fields.


07 October- 01 December

Emer O' Brien

During her residency, Emer explored new techniques and mediums, such as puppet making in order to express the misuse of political power.


19 August- 19 Septe

Eleni Tsamadia

Eleni Tsamadia explores the current political and social situation in Athens, through painting.

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29 April - 1 June

Erika Ellsworth

Erika's artistic perspective is inspired by both historical and contemporary fashion based narratives.

kim w_p1.jpeg

1 February - 28 February

Kim Cruickshank

Her work evolves through archeological process and archiving of the extant.

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12 September - 12 October

Mary Conroy

Mary Conroy is a practicing artist based in Ireland, with a degree in Ceramics and a MA in Socially Engaged Art.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 17.32.58.png

22 May - 5 June

Julian McSweeney

Julian is a London based curator working between Europe and Asia.

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