The notions of separation, loss and belonging are explored through various mediums and techniques used throughout Milos’ practice.

Effie Milos

05 September - 28 September

MacGregor’s creative practice explores the experience and understanding of place.

Gwen MacGregor

1 June - 4 July

Nora Adwan and Athanasia Panagea are fine  arts photographers currently working on a new photographic book.

Nora Adwan/Athanasia Panagea

12 April - 21 April

Poul R. Weile is a Danish artist and a sculptor educated on the Academy of Arts in Odense, Denmark from 1979 – 1984.

Poul R. Weile

2 October - 20 October

Tracey Fischer is a sculptor based in the US.

Tracey Fischer

08 June - 08 July

Eleni Tsamadia explores the current political and social situation in Athens, through painting.

Eleni Tsamadia

19 August - 19 September

Erika's artistic perspective is inspired by both historical and contemporary fashion- based narratives.

Erika Ellsworth

29 April - 1 June

Kim Cruickshank work evolves through archaeological process and archiving of the extant.

Kim Cruickshank

1 February - 28 February

Mary Conroy is a practicing artist based in Ireland, with a degree in Ceramics and a MA in Socially Engaged Art.

Mary Conroy

12 September - 12 October

Julian Mc Sweeney is a curator working between China and Europe.

Julian Mcsweeney

22 May - 05 June

Areez Katki explores the nature of the queer relationships through drawing, embroidery and photography.

Areez Katki

10 May - 15 July

Garth's practice revolves around the issues of costume design and elements of healing, dance and numerology, which further serve to direct and inform his practice

Garth Roseth

1 April - 1 June

Conte Potuto is an artists collective founded in 2016 in Vienna. It engages a different number of people for each project.

Conte Potuto

1 January - 23 January

Thomas Anthony Owen and Kentaro Kumanomido form an artistic duo, based in Europe.

Thomas Anthony Owen & Kentaro Kumanomido.

1 July - 14 July

Lydia Denno has a background in theatre design and illustration & bookmaking. 

Lydia Denno

2 May - 21 May

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