The Green Room

The Green Room on 89 Asklipiou is a new community resource center for public workshops and exhibitions and part of the Phoenix Athens project on 87 Asklipiou. The name refers to the positive qualities that the word “green” might connote.


  • In horticulture a greenhouse serves as a space for the germination and incubation of plants.

  • In ceramics a green room serves as a transition space in which clay is given time to dry in a semi-damp environment so as to keep it from cracking.

  • In theatre, the green room functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before and after a performance.


The Green Room is therefore a place where these things happen from both a practical and a philosophical standpoint. It offers community members and creatives with the opportunity to meet, discuss and learn from each other. As with plants, human creativity and ideas need a base from which to grow and the opportunity to cross pollinate.


Phoenix Athens ia a non profit gallery and resource center committed to encouraging creativity through models of sustainable growth. Through its residency program and exhibitions it seeks to create a bridge between the community of Neapoli-Exarcheia and the global creative community. This is designed to foster cooperation and strengthen communities of creatives and individuals both within and outside of Greece.

We would like to welcome you to stop in and say hello anytime to view our exhibitions or participate in our workshops as these opportunities arise.


-Dimitri Yin and Christina Makri

Phoenix Athens

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