Clemence Barret

The Omega Elegies
We are the best at killing every form of life including ourselves. “ The Omega Elegies” are a process toward such change and reform" and a "series of mourning odes in response to ecological grief and a funeral for anthropocentric habits.


Eirini Tiniakou

Title: Other
Tiniakou's work is about nature and conviviality in the urban environment among other subjects. It reflects in Greek folk culture.Eirini is using fabrics and photography , text and print to create concept garments and other objects including historical references to this process. The work is being made digitally and the artist presents a mix of “digital textiles” and surfaces that reflect on the costumes as well as photographic hybrid. 

Vassiliki Koukou

Title: “Remember?”

Social distancing is part of our everyday life.

Escape through nature, escape to your near jungle whatever that may be. Take a second to breathe, to hear, to smell. Did you really used to see all these before? Take a walk with your imagination, dream of creatures that don’t really exist. The supermarket visit becomes an everyday trip for you. Get lost inside your thoughts, inside your head. You can cry if you want, its ok. Not everything is so bad, try to find the positive side of things and start imagine like you used to, many years ago… Do you feel it? The feeling of not growing old. You are never too old to dream.

The artist Vassiliki Koukou gives a positive outlook to the covid_19 crisis. With her painting she reminds us to awaken up our innate imagination and appreciate the beautiful nature surrounding us. She calls us to use our fantasy to escape. Imagine your own world everything you need is around you can you see it? Stay young, be yourself!  "