Phoenix Athens encourages creative entrepreneurship, experimentation and collaboration across borders and within Greece. The project aims to show how art and creativity can transform society by offering new solutions and inspiring perspectives through collaborations between artists and the local community. The Villa Exarchia Residency provides international artists and students with a chance to fine-tune their practice and immerse themselves in the diverse and dynamic culture of Athens. The "Makerspace" workshop gives artists and residents the space and facilities they need to develop exciting new projects and ideas and share their skills and knowledge with the public through talks, workshops and conferences. Two gallery spaces feature rotating exhibitions by both local and international artists. 


We welcome collaborations with curators, theorists and academics. Artists  and collectives wishing to showcase their work in one of our galleries are encouraged to submit proposals for a solo or group exhibition. 

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This exciting new project aims to develop green living spaces and curate garden exhibitions on the balconies and rooftops of Athens.



As a humorous twist on these turbulent and oft-foreboding times, Phoenix Athens Gallery is hosting the exhibition: Happy Accidents.


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