Phoenix Athens is a nonprofit gallery and artist residency project in Athens, Greece that was founded in 2017. The project aims demonstrate that art and artistic development is vital for the long-term growth and health of society by providing an inclusive and welcoming space where artists and members of the community can discover and explore new forms of expression and creativity.


The Residency program, Villa Exarcheia provides artists and art students with a chance to hone their practice  and immerse themselves in the vibrant and dynamic culture of Athens. The residency features accommodation, a Makerspace production facility and an opportunity to exhibit and sell in either one of two large gallery spaces located in central Athens.

The exhibition program is unique, giving artists a chance to market and sell their work and demonstrate that international artists can both benefit from, and contribute to the local economy. This has the added value of creating a broader and more diverse art market within Greece.

Phoenix Athens encourages entrepreneurship, experimentation, collaboration as well as a balanced approach to theory vs practical skill. Each year, at least one resident artist is invited to come and stay in Greece for free. In exchange, the artist is asked to provide a public talk or workshop. Proposals for this opportunity are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Current Events

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Phoenix Athens calls artists of all fields to complete a full or light residency programme.

Residency Open Call


Phoenix Athens runs a series of workshops based on a variety of practical skills. At the end of each workshop cycle, the participants will show their work in a pop up exhibition.


Phoenix Athens is now running the new curatorial apprenticeship programme in collaboration with the ACG Deree College.

Curatorial Apprenticeship

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