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Founded in 2018, Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency is designed to demonstrate that art can transform individuals and societies. With its residency program, production facilities and two gallery spaces, Phoenix Athens has hosted over 70 artists in residence, and exhibited over 100 creative practitioners from Greece and abroad. A neighbourhood friendly, artist-run space, it continues to maintain connections between Athenians and the international creative community.

In addition to the exhibitions and residency program, Activities at Phoenix Athens offers public workshops, performances and events by visiting local and international artists.

At Phoenix Athens, we focus on inclusion, social justice and ecology however we also remain open to and encourage experimentation and research. 

Creative collaborations to exhibit and participate are reviewed on a rolling basis. For information about any of these, or hiring an exhibition space, please refer to our dedicated Gallery Page or send us an email.


Theano Giannezi

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The art installation "FOVEA" delves into the intricate anatomy of the eye and explores the ambiguity of vision and perception through a personal narrative of wandering the city of Athens.





The artwork created during Giannezi's residency in May is a multi-layered depiction of the internal structure of an eye, made out of fragile materials such as paper, charcoal, and threads. Each layer is arranged at specific intervals to evoke a sense of time, space, and depth. This delicate arrangement symbolizes the biological intricacies of vision and provides  a psycho-geographic map of Exarchia neighborhood in Athens, a path that the artist treads daily, drawing inspiration from Guy Debord's The Naked City (1955), a guide that serves to document the powerful influence of a city's geographical environment on the psyche and the unconscious choices of the individual.

Opening: Thursday, May 30, 7-11 pm. 

Duration: May 30 - June 09

Visiting Hours: 12 - 6 pm, Sa + Sun by appointment

Address: Phoenix Athens Gallery, Asklipiou 89, 11 472 Athens

The fovea (Latin for pit) is a depression in the structure of the eye that is essential for high-acuity vision. Damage to the fovea can have catastrophic consequences for central vision.


Mrinal Joshi


This June, Phoenix Athens is delighted to welcome artist in residence Mrinal Joshi. Originally from Nepal, Joshi renders highly personal narratives using classical and indirect oil painting techniques as a counterpoint to instant gratification. Mrinal Joshi’s painting practice provides a highly poignant and significant commentary upon Western canons, while blurring the notion of originality and ownership through a veil of lightheartedness and humour. 

Underneath the familiar motifs of myth, internet culture, and celebrity lies grounds to ponder the pathos, isolation and the ephemerality of beauty, power, fame, glamour, and youth. 


Originally from Nepal, Mrinal Joshi is currently based in New York.

More of Mrinal Joshi's work here.

Olympia Antoniadis

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Phoenix Athens welcomes Olympia Antoniadis, a multidisciplinary visual artist living and working in Melbourne. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in painting at the Victorian College of Arts in 2015 and a master’s in art therapy at La Trobe University. Her practice focuses on realism oil painting. 

Antoniadis' works uncover her personal experience with life, death and the grieving process. Her intrigue with the ultimate concerns of existence has led her to examine the fear of death that western society holds through the use of flowers as symbols and metaphors which explore the traditional genre of ‘Memento Mori’ in a contemporary light.


More of Olympia Antoniadis’ work here.

For more information on applying, click here.


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Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency
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