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Suspended disbelief is described as the avoidance of critical thinking or logic when examining something unreal or impossible in reality. In this situation ‘Reality’ becomes stranger than fiction and for many people, this has become an increasingly prevalent and normal condition.

Eight artists with diverse backgrounds, share their take on how this avoidance of the causal and the consequential has informed or inspired their art, and all with a vital concern about the importance of finding truth and reclaiming self determination and free expression.

The opening for this exhibition on March 10, features music at 9pm by the highly talented “WERA” from Poland.

For more details, please visit the facebook event post


Dance & yoga workshops

Creativity Workshops For All Ages

Eco-Awareness Field Trips

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Christina Paizanis & The Circle of Dance!

Every Sunday at 11:30 am, Christina Paizanis (pictured center) brings dance, yoga and movement workshops to Phoenix Athens

Originally from the US, Christina lived in Japan for seven years where she was formally trained in Kabuki under the great master Hanayagi Yoshimoto.

Courses are conducted in Greek and English. Each 1hr session is a bit different, with occasional guests workshop leaders to include 

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Youth art w/ Anna Georgatou

We encourage creative learning for people of all ages with international and local individuals and organisations. With two large gallery spaces, we regularly host events that provide the community with new ways to connect with their creativity.


If you would like to conduct a workshop or event at our premises please contact us at:


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Summer field trip on Lycabettus Mt.

Green Athens is a new company

under the umbrella of Phoenix Athens that provides garden design consultation, a line of custom-made outdoor furniture, and local field trips which are provided by field scientist Dimitris Papandropoulos (pictured far right).

For more information please visit the Green Athens website here.


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Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency aims to demonstrate how art and design can transform societies and individuals through engaging and tangible new perspectives. With two large and well-lit galleries, Phoenix Athens has exhibited over 100 creative practitioners from Greece and abroad. Now in its fifth year, the project continues to provide creatives, with a place to share their practice with a wider audience within Greece.

The Villa Exarchia Residency provides artists, academics and creatives from all walks of life with lodging, facilities, and an exhibition. This is a unique residency that focuses upon craft, theory and social engagement, and possibilities for neworking with other creative practitioners in Greece. The residency is designed to demonstrate how challenges can serve as a catalyst for the professional growth of creatives, while helping the Athenian community to thrive and grow and thrive.

Regular activities include public workshops, performances and events by living artists. Candidatures for our residency program, and letters of interest for creative collaboration are reviewed on a rolling basis. For information about gallery services and hiring an exhibition space, please refer to our dedicated Gallery Page or send us an email in the contact section.

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