Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency provides a welcoming space for local and international artists to develop and share their practice in Athens. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure base for creative entrepreneurship, experimentation and collaboration across borders and within Greece. Now in its fourth year, the project features two large gallery spaces, several live-work studios and a makerspace production facility.


The Villa Exarchia Residency program at Phoenix Athens is designed to provide an experience which evenly balances craft and theory. The program provides international artists and students with a chance to become immersed in the diverse and dynamic culture of Athens and to hone their practice in the working class neighbourhood of Exarchia. The Makerspace provides facilities for wood, metal and ceramic production. The Villa Exarchia Residency offers a comprehensive, well-rounded experience.


Phoenix Athens aims to demonstrate how art and design can both transform and heal society by offering exciting, tangible and ground-breaking new perspectives. Curators, Academics and other members of the community are encouraged to apply for residencies and participate in, or host conferences, workshops and exhibitions.



The Villa Exarcheia Residency at Phoenix Athens

Praxis and research-based residencies

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