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As we dig deeper, looking further and thinking harder, we can fail to recognise the obvious. We construct intricate stories, vacillating between the past and the future, a place where dreams and reality get trapped in the search for that missing link between ourselves and the sublime.

CORE portrays the purer and simpler moments of human experience, moments in which no explanation is needed, nothing is superfluous and the mind is still. It takes on the challenge of illustrating something indefinite yet universal. Being out in nature breathing fresh air, playing or listening to music, dancing carelessly...

Tania Cimatti uses silkscreen printing to give order and consistency to the spontaneity of mark-making and these moments. The prints featured in CORE have been made using solely analogue techniques, from the initial drawings and throughout all the stages of the printing process. Tania's practice challenges the idea of multiples and originals, the technical and the artistic, the minimal and the maximal, the contemporary and the modern, the superficial and the profound. The intention behind this is to create a meeting point which excludes no possibilities.


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