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CHROMATIC STATES examines the landscape of Greece through the lens of three American artists and their individual experience as artists living and working in Greece between the Spring and Fall of 2021. 
The work is at times expansive and filled with light, while in other cases more introspective, reflecting the character of both Americans and Greeks which is not entirely dissimilar and countries which are both indeed multifaceted and complex. The exhibition takes the viewer on a journey through Athens' own roughness and polish, and on through the sublime beauty of nature surrounding  counties, a chance to re-imagine the past, the present and future.

A new series of paintings by Todd Lowery take a new direction from his previous work with perspectives on the landscape which are elevations  where they were once primarily topographical.  


His work, which combines abstraction and geometry is informed by a heightened awareness of chaos and order, referencing modern and cubist canons as well as a love and reverence for both classical and contemporary Greek culture. Lowery’s practice references Guy de Bord’s notion of the “dérive,” and his own approach to combating the malaise and boredom of society of the spectacle. His paintings recall cubist and modernist traditions through a rich layering of vividly colored man-made and natural forms. 

The small, brightly colored works of Prudence Horne (San Diego, California) were created during her stay at the Villa Exarchia Residency, where she has re-explored Athens for the first time since her college years.reflect an interwoven sense of contemplation and commentary. The juxtaposition of landscapes and motifs inspired by classical Greek art suggest a narrative that is critical of human naiveté.  

For American-born painter and sculptor Jim Kraus (MEX), a new series of paintings made in Greece reflects  his love for travelling and a deep appreciation for the inherent beauty of natural forms. His new paintings are inspired by the Ionian Sea, NIdri Falls and the winding sun-dappled pathways of Strefi Hill. While in Athens, he has also created a unique “Greek Revival” sculpture series using scraps and construction debris. These spare, yet carefully composed works explore antiquity and preservation, while examining nuanced concepts of beauty and lasting value.

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