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Conte Potuto is an artists collective founded in 2016 in Vienna. It engages a different number of people for each project, reaching up to 10 members.
Their work has been shown in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Graz and Zürich.

For their exhibition at phoenix gallery Athens, Conte Potuto consists of: 


Gabriel Huth (1993, Entschendorfberg) lives and works in Vienna

project organization and material based questions


Jürgen Münzer, (1985, Wolfsberg) lives and works in Vienna

architecture and computing


Daniel Fonatti (1994, Vienna) lives and works in Vienna

overlooking the aesthetic outcome of the project


Fabio Bigi (1996, Zürich), lives and works in Vienna and Zürich

concept and text 

Conte Potuto produced an on-site installation piece called the year of the pig at the top floor of the gallery space 

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