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During their two-week residency time Thomas and Kentaro developed their concept into a film called: the trouble with land, which stands as apart of The House of Manifesto film series. 
in the trouble with land, the ebb and flow of aquatic sounds guide their journey with two humanoid creatures from sea to earth and back again as they experience their own troubles of life on land. Through these transformations they question their own embodied materiality, non human-ness & the preciousness of our aquatic nature.



digital video , 5 min., Athens, Greece, 2018 
a film by thanos papadogiannis, kentaro kumanomido & thomas anthony owen 

Thomas Anthony Owen and Kentaro Kumanomido form an artistic duo, based in Europe. They are both improvisational choreographers and they form the core of electric shepherds (est. 2015), which is an art-as-research collaboration focused on creating femme-forward contexts for radical queer embodiment, new media practices, and quasi-mystical encounters.

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