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Hours: Monday through Friday 12-6pm, Saturdays and Sundays by appointment


Jordan Cantwell’s new work: DEUS ANIMAS, combines his fascination with Greece and its culture, as well as depictions of the “animas” or the soul of life through paintings of animals. Based in San Diego, California Cantwell’s work is influenced by zoosophy, Mexican myths and impressionism. For Cantwell, painting is a medium for conjuring the life force of animals which surrounds and inhabits us. The title for the exhibition: Translated from Latin, DEUS ANIMAS means “God of the soul” with the word “anima” also referencing the irrational soul as described by psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

Cantwell’s depictions provide a window into the inherent nature of animals and humans as beings that are both fragile and powerful. 


I have always been interested in the human connection to nature on a primal level and the truths that have been forgotten through modernity. Through mark making and abstraction, I seek to emotionally trigger the subconscious of our ancient spiritual selves, and awaken a heightened state of [self] awareness in others.”

Cantwell is engaged in a vital dialogue with his European identity (Sicilian and Irish). This new body of work further reflects a conscious desire to explore the nuanced differences and similarities between American and European cultural perspectives and identity.  As both an American and a European who comments on the imperfect American ideal/hero, the social conditioning of Europe and the objectification of nature, his works come at a critically important moment for us all, allowing us to further reflect upon our roles in society as well as our relationship with nature.

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