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Eco Design Internship

Under the umbrella of Phoenix Athens, founder Dimitri Yin has created a new project called Green Athens which focuses on the ways in which art, green design, permaculture & engineering can be applied to sustainable growth models and the well-being of future generations.

Green Athens offers internship opportunities to students and graduates in the fields of Design, Applied Arts, Ecological Engineering.

We are looking for creatives and technicians interested in Ecological and Sustainable Design, willing to assist in the development of an urban gardening initiative.


Description : 

You will be joining the team of Green Athens and assisting them on the development and implementation of ecological urban-garden projects. 

This includes projects thinking, furniture building, garden installation and garden maintenance.


According to your previous experiences, you will be welcomed to suggest your own innovative gardening solutions to Green Athens’s team and develop it with our help.


Skills required :

  • Knowledge of gardening and / or Ecological, Sustainable Design.

  • At least B2 level in English or French.

  • Basic knowledge of woodworking or gardening would be considered an asset.


Desired dates and duration for the internship : 

Duration for the internship: 4 months

Time Frame: Anytime between September 2023 and June 2024



Recommended internship schedule: 

Three days a week / four hours per day. 

Days and hours negotiable. 

Please send your CV and cover letter to :

For more informations about us, please look at our website 


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