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Group Projects Internship

Phoenix Athens offers internship opportunities to students, graduates and professionals in the fields of Art, Design and Culture.

We are looking for creatives, artists, designers, curators, cultural engineers, cultural project managers, technicians, etc, willing to participate in the functioning of an artist-run-space, the implementation of artistic residencies, events and exhibitions. 


This internship offer is intended for collectives and teams of creatives, who would like to implement a project at Phoenix Athens, with our guidance, in order to gain professional experience.


Description : 

You will be joining the team of Phoenix Athens and taking part in the development and implementation of artistic and cultural projects. 

This includes projects ideation, development, implementation and communication.


Skills required :

  • Knowledge of Art / Design / Cultural sectors.

  • At least B2 level in English or French.


Desired dates and duration for the internship : 

Duration for the internship: 4 months

Time Frame: Anytime between September 2023 and June 2024


Recommended internship schedule: 

Three days a week / four hours per day. 

Days and hours negotiable. 


Please send your CV and cover letter to :

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