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Call it a Night is a research-based performative project having mainly the form of a telephone service. People who face sleep-related difficulties are encouraged to call during specific night hours on a cell phone number which the performer answers. After posing a few questions, she gives guidelines to the participants in order for them to start feeling more comfortable and then, she proceeds to narrate stories to them. The participants are in all cases unaware that the procedure is a performance piece.

The intention is to research emerging questions related to narrative (literary, spatial, political, personal) within the time-based procedure, in an effort to reconfigure narrative authorship but also participation in the performative process. Thus, Call it a Night is also used as a research tool for field study related to the artist's PhD thesis.

For the purposes of the project the artist has formed a literary archive consisting mainly of short stories, unabridged fairy tales, folk tales and A.I. (artificial intelligence) generated narratives and also stories that she has written. From the above, a script of 230 pages in English and Greek has been drafted for the purposes of the performative piece.

The project also involves promotional material for online purposes, posters, digital collages etc. and makes thorough use of advertising strategies (e.g. slogans) to enhance its pseudo-service appearance. It also features social media accounts, a SoundCloud account and a internet radio station, which are activated accordingly every time that the project is performed.

(November 2019-ongoing)

DATES: 14/04, 16/04, 18/04, 21/, 23/04, 25/04, 28/04, 30/04


                                           CALL: ​​+30 697 008 9918

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