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Dates: dec 7, 14, 19

Cost: 20

Painting - Dec. 7, Dec. 14, Dec. 19

Learn to paint

30 euro 

Create your canvas - Dec. 6, Dec 9. Dec. 16

This workshop gives you the opportunity to create two canvases, from start to finish! All materials are included in the final cost, all you need to bring is your own hands and some enthusiasm! You can choose between only doing 1 day, and creating 2 canvases, or signing up for both days and making a total of 4 canvases! Each class is 2 hours long, please sign up in advance to ensure availability. Click HERE to book. 

1 day - 60 eur. 

2 days- 80 eur. 


The immersive artistic experience

Take the journey of the artist with this all-inclusive class pass. Start out in the canvas workshop, creating your medium to work on, and then create on those surfaces with our visual arts classes.

cost 80 euro

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