Happy Accidents : The Bad Art Show ! 

Opening Date: January 12 - February 20



Featuring artists: Nikos Tsorpatsidis, Xanthi Tsaloupi, Ioanna Lin, Mike Vira, Manos Kteniadakis, Eleni Tsamadia, Karl Heinz Jeron, Christina Sylvia Simantira, Loes Greijnders.


As a humorous twist on these turbulent and oft-foreboding times, Phoenix Athens Gallery is hosting the exhibition: Happy Accidents. 

The exhibition is a commentary on the notion of perfection in art which is something that artists may try to achieve and that curators may attempt to describe from a theoretical standpoint. The show celebrates the happy accidents that arise however when an artist produces sublime work that is not overworked or over analysed, much less by an unhappy curator.

Wunderkammer: A Cabinet of curiosities 

Opening Date: January 12 - February 20


Featuring artists: 

Dimitri Yin & Paperman, Karl Heinz Jeron, Giorgos Kaltsidis, Stefan Riebel, Melina Fakitsa​

In a time when the art world is replete with commodification, appropriation and desperation, the Wunderkammer exhibition is an effort to rekindle our fascination with the curious and the curiouser, redefining our notion of mysticism, memory and questioning into the realm of more universal memories and potentially concrete outcomes.

The exhibition will also serve as a directive into curating spaces outside of the gallery with the artist Dimitri Yin introducing his new project which merges design with art entitled: “Green Athens.” This exciting new project aims to develop green living spaces and curate garden exhibitions on the balconies and rooftops of Athens. Wunderkammer sets the stage for this project by introducing the artists who will be featured in the exhibition and who are open to exhibiting their works in public spaces such as gardens as well.

About Green Athens

The Green Athens project aims to design and create gardens on the many terraces, balconies and rooftops in Athens in order to reduce the “heat island” effect of the city while helping the local economy through the creation of jobs and a shorter food supply chain.