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Phoenix Athens Gallery proudly presents : 

Art by Sarah Mackinnon

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Hours: Monday through Friday 12-6pm, Saturdays and Sundays by appointment


A multi-disciplinary artist from Los Angeles, Mackinnon’s practice is informed by the liminal space where the organic meets the inorganic, and where personal memories overlap with technology. This experience reflects the modern-day challenges so many of us face where technology has become increasingly pervasive, at times invasive. Mud, sticks, and stones echo off of iPhones and computers, revealing that objects can be made redundant despite the value that we attach to them.


With the “threads” of citizenship still dangling in the United States, Mackinnon explores the notion of weaving as she builds a new life for herself in Greece. Where do these two lives intersect and how is that pathway depicted? She seizes the moments where the mundane vibrates with the sacred and where realities intertwine. Her practice examines the reality of life between Los Angeles and Athens, nations and identities. 


It was Athena who invented the loom; I am humbled by her presence as I strive to create a liminal tapestry that may serve to inform both myself and others. Like the thread of the loom which either wavers or is taut, the brushstroke too can be heavy or light, demonstrating where faith and trust must ultimately lay.


-Sarah Mackinnon March 15, 2022

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