current residency

Sarah Zakaib

Sarah's practice is focused on the passage and perception of time, simultaneously attempting to

transcend and suspend it. The artist engaged in research that reflects and represents my life. Sarah

imposes durational and contextual restrictions on both the development and production of each

project. The application of these constraints results concretely in the production of several

pieces simultaneously, along differing time lines and in a variety of media. This drives a

creative process that takes time to form. The source material for the pieces is from my

personal life. I record, transcribe, take photos, write notes, draw. This cumulative research is

then converted into another medium.

Emer O' Brien 

Emer's practice includes photography, collage, watercolours, embroidery, and performance. She explores themes like patriarchy, the Oedipus Complex, white male privilege, mass hysteria, mental illness, objectification, voyeurism, power, domination, political corruption, and control. The final outcome should be understood as transgressive art from a radical feminist perspective. For the residency period at Phoenix Gallery the plan is to focus on building the theatre, puppets, props and also making the audio recordings for my performance;The Anarchist Puppet Show, 2020.

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