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Crochet Workshop

Gwen gave a tutorial on how to crochet trees using wool yarn and plastic bags.

Gwen MacGregor


Date: 13.06.19


Artist Talk

Gwen MacGregor discussed about her past projects as well as how she came up with her current research of the Tree Lines. 

Gwen MacGregor

Artist Talk

Date: 10.06.19


Curatorial Tours

Photography students from the IEK AKMI joined for a curatorial tour on the Shadows exhibition.


Ceramics Workshop with Kim Cruickshank

Our current residency artist Kim Cruickshank will be hosting a ceramics workshop. 


Photography Workshops with Athanasia Panagea



We need more heads!!

Poul R. Weile

10day clay workshop

 Date: 06. 10. 18- 16.10.18​

Poul R. Weile gave a 10-day workshop on how to create a life size head out of clay. The participants had the chance to experience and learn the basic principals of clay as well as how to use clay as an art medium. 

The final outcomes are going to be exhibited in a pop up show, curated by the sculptor.


The show will take place on the workshop space of Phoenix Athens, located on Asklipiou 89, on the 18th of October @8pm.

Interactive Open Studio 

Mary Conroy

interactive open studeio

Date: 24. 09. 18​

Mary Conroy hosted an interactive open studio at Phoenix Athens gallery. The purpose of this event was to facilitate dialogue between the artist and the local community who wanted to understand more about the artist's research and practical process of her project. Conroy after a short description of her research focus she led a practical workshop on how to create doves using clay. 


The outcomes of this workshop will be featured in her upcoming exhibition Street Doves 


Workshop @ the Khora Community Centre 

Lydia Denno

artist workshop

Date: 21. 05. 18​

Lydia Denno (artist in residence at Phoenix Athens) in collaboration with Thomas Owen (artist in residence at Onassis Foundation programme) gave a workshop for the kids at the Khora Community Centre. The purpose of the workshop was to present the values of illustration, bookmaking and performance within an educational character.

The artist successfully planned how to transmit knowledge to the kids in a creative and playful manner.  



Lydia Denno has a background in theatre design and illustration & bookmaking.  


An afternoon with Giorgos Gousis


Giorgos Gousis

Artist talk

Date: 28. 03. 18​

Phoenix Athens had the pleasure to meet Giorgos Gousis and learn all about the making of one of his most recent projects an adaptation of the romance novel “Erotokritos” by Vitsentzos Kornaros. His presentation provided guests with insight into the name and meaning of this novel, the process of adapting a lyrical romance to the narrative or comic book format as well as his reasons for choosing the story. 


George Gousis was born in 1986 in Athens. In 2005 he won the third prize for new talents organized by magazine 9 and for the next few years he created short stories for the 9thand Galera . He has also collaborated with publications such as the Journal of Editors , Vima , Athens Voice and The News.



Mind the Mood



“Important information can be easy to understand, yet alienating. I seek to understand the senses we experience about vital topics and the ways we can abandon the sense of alienation to finance and technology.”


Her interactive piece “Mind in the Mood” invites viewers to witness their very own thoughts (and those of others) through real-time visualisations of brain waves which are varied and controlled by the user's emotions.

While many talk about the future of technology Bagaeva, experiments with its present. Olga's research is based on the future of technology, or else furetu, since the future lacks reality.

Technology lives in a world of commercial success, where it is been celebrated.  This project promotes human abilities instead of a piece of technological advancement. Mind the mood is an experiment that tests if the human abilities help us to control our emotions and stream our feelings from sad to happy. Le Goog is an art object and an application that translates words into images. With the use of Google algorithms, Olga is creating a tool to make these algorithms into a piece of art.






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