Odyssey - Makerspace 2019 (1).JPG

"Odyssey II" featuring the work of Effie Milos in the Makerspace

The Makerspace facility is a large 90 M2 production studio located downstairs from the 2nd gallery which provides local artists and Villa Exarchia residents with materials and tools for production in ceramics, wood and metal. 


The space also serves as a community learning center with workshops in different types of fabrication for art and design which are provided by local artists to include project director Dimitri Yin, artist Karl Heinz Jeron and Sophia Economou. The Makerspace is designed to help artists and locals to discover new skills and carry these forward into their own practice. 


The Makerspace is a highly versatile space and may also be used for conferences and pop-up exhibitions.The educational workshops that  project integrates skilling with the sharing of core values and traditional methods of production for artists and designers. This project is an essential part of  Phoenix Athens’ aim to encourage transdisciplinary and creative approaches to problem solving through creativity.