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Odyssey - Makerspace 2019 (1).JPG

"Odyssey II" featuring the work of Effie Milos in the Makerspace

The Makerspace is a large 90 square meter production studio which provides artists from the community of Exarchia and visiting artists in residence with the facilities for making art.

The space is unique since it means that artists can both produce and learn about production methods and techniques in ceramics, wood and metal at Phoenix Athens. The Makerspace space also serves as a space for workshops in different types of fabrication for art and design. These workshops are provided by visiting artistes and Phoenix Athens director Dimitri Yin. 

The Makerspace may also be used for conferences and pop-up exhibitions. 

If you would like to lease the Makerspace for an event or for the production of sculpture or other other art, please fill out the application form and send it to 

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