Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency is currently developing a makers’ space production facility in the 90 m2 sub-basement located downstairs from the Phoenix Athens gallery space located on 89 Asklipiou in central Athens.

The aim of the new Makerspace will be to provide community members of all backgrounds as well as interns of the space and resident artists at Villa Exarchia with a fully-equipped facility to learn about and refine their skills in art and design. With materials and tools for production in ceramics, wood and metal, the space will also serve as a community learning center with classes in different types of fabrication for art and design. 

Up to four classes will be provided by a team of interns working in the space as well as visiting artists. The space is divided into five working bays for interns with a larger communal shared space for workshops and larger projects.


The Makerspace project integrates skilling with the sharing of core values and knowledge in traditional art and design fabrication methods. It is a response to deskilling trends in universities, and societies across Europe and the Western world in which citizens have become increasingly disconnected from methods and processes of “making” with trades and industries becoming increasingly mechanised, outsourced to other countries, or simply abandoned. The sharing and teaching of traditional skills in arts, crafts and design is essential, since it provides a bridge between the past and the future, ensuring that future generations remain capable making, designing, fixing, and upcycling materials and creating products with both functionality and economy in mind. By “Spacing” these activities and providing a structure for learning and skills exchange through the workshops and conferences, participants from the community as well as seasoned creatives will have the opportunity to interact, share their knowledge and skills and even learn from one another held at the Makerspace.

This project is also part of a developing program by Phoenix ut to develop parity for academic institutions both within and outside of Europe which will bring artists and academics in art and design of the highest caliber to Greece and help to transform perspectives and invigorate transdisciplinary and creative approaches to problem solving through creativity, in Athens.

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