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Art Instead

Phoenix Athens has created the Online Showcase : Art Instead in order to encourage artists to stay inspired and connect with viewers during the Covid 19 quarantine.

Art Instead explores and develops how artists deal with isolation and maintain creativity through a variety of mediums and methods. The program feature online workshops, performances, online residencies, texts & poems, photography.

The audience will have the chance to engage with the artists and develop their own artwork through our social media platforms.


Please fill out the form below If you also want to be part of Art Instead !

You may follow the current updates on the Art Instead blog page

ART INSTEAD is taking the form of an exhibition featuring work by ten Athens-based artists who participated in the ART INSTEAD online program and residency. The works suggest how artists responded to, and were informed by the state of self-confinement and apprehension they experienced during the COVID 19 lockdown. 

They reveal to us the familiar vs. the unfamiliar as well as misanthropic interstices between the virtual and the physical world through a focused, purposeful creative lens. 

These works are both highly personal and poignant, providing us with insight into ways to counter adversity through creative resilience, common purpose, and unity.







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