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Fundamentals of Drawing with Sofia Economou

(featured dates to be announced)


Just as musicians learn scales to expand their repertoire  participants will learn observational and technical skills giving them greater freedom of expression. The  workshop will strengthen your drawing skills and engage participants with contemporary and classical athenian life.


No prior skill necessary.

Improve your skills in the following

  1. Line - contour & gesture

  2. Value - form & figure

  3. Perspective - atmospheric & 1,2,3 point

  4. Scaled - grid & scale

  5. Pleinair field Studies 

Workshop: Upcycling furniture with Dimitri Yin

Length: 4 sessions per month


The cycle furniture workshop will give participants the chance to create each time a different type of small scale furniture. During these classes participants will learn how to use tools, how to make a 2d plan into a 3d model ready to be used. Basic woodwork, metalwork and design experience will be gained. 

Dimitri Yin is a classically trained artist from San Diego, California and has exhibited his work in the United States and Europe. He worked for the San Diego Art Institute and the San Diego Museum of Art. Dimitri worked closely with the research department at The University of the Arts, London where he obtained an MFA in Fine Art in 2017. That same year, Dimitri launched Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency in Athens in order to provide a creative base for makers, socially engaged practitioners and researchers in Greece.

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