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Learning and Academic Exchanges

Phoenix Athens has had the honor and privilege of collaborating with the faculty of The Athens School of Fine Art, The American College of Greece, H.G.B Leipzig, and the Vilnius Academy of Fine Art. 


Academic exchanges, internships and community learning are a vital part of the educational program at Phoenix Athens. We warmly welcome exchanges with individual students and faculties from both within and outside of Greece as part of our commitment to inclusion and diverse expression.


In ancient Greece the arts provided a way of understanding the complex balance between truth and beauty. This is vitally important and art can serve as both an indicator for a thriving economy and a way to excite and transform individuals and societies.

Universal access to the arts and art education for all is after all, a vitally important way of maintaining this democratic thread and maintaining inclusion as we continue to grow and learn from one another.


If you are a faculty member and would like to collaborate with us please fill out this form. Students are welcome to apply for our internship program via the Atlas platorm (for Greece) or Erasmus+ (for Europe).

Discounted rates for recent graduates (1-2 yr) are a feature of the Accelerator Residency.


Please fill out this form if you wish to pursue academic research in Athens. 

You may also call us directly at: 0030 6970516245

Case Studies:

Green Initiatives

Summer 2022
Ongoing workshops 


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In June 2022,  Ana Georgatou gave a very successful workshop for promising young students at Phoenix Athens Gallery.

If you or somebody you know would like to use our spaces to conduct a workshop, please get in touch with us at:

Fall 2021
Athens School of Fine Art

ASFA ERASMUS DAY3_edited.jpg

In Fall 2021, Phoenix Athens collaborated with faculty member Erifil Veneria and students from Athens School of Fine Art for a tour and presentation of Phoenix Athens.
The presentation familiarised students with the operational duties and roles of alternative spaces and galleries in Athens and how these spaces represent career opportunities for artists, curators and other actors in the arts.

Summer 2022
Vilnius Academy of Fine Art

In June 2022, Phoenix Athens hosted Vilnius Academy of Fine Art graduates: Egle Zostautaitè & Emilija Visinskaite.

The artists conducted a comparative analysis of environmental factors in both Vilnius and Athens, and how these contrast with post-modern para-surrealist narratives such as those of Camus and René Daumal.

Their mentorship program would culminated with the exhibition "What you told me."

Fall 2020
H.G.B. Leipzig

In 2020 Phoenix Athens collaborated with professor Stefan Riebel and students from H.G.B Fine Arts Academy in Leipzig, Germany. The students conducted a survey of Athenian artist-run spaces, museums and other cultural venues in order to enhance their knowledge of art and curating.

This research would culminate with the exhibition: Running Athens. In addition to showcasing artwork inspired by the unique landscape of Athens and its art spaces, the exhibition featured talks and discussions about the contrasting paradigms of the creative ecologies in Germany and Greece.


The exhibition Running Athens featured works by: Anabelle, David Behrens, Tobias Fabek, Elisabeth L. Kraus, Haiguang Li, Tianxu Liu, Mandy Möbes, Kay Lotte Pommer and Johannes Unger.

The American College of Greece