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Phoenix Athens features two brightly-lit and highly versatile gallery spaces which are located right across the street from one another. Each year, Phoenix Athens produces as many as 20 exhibitions. These spaces may also be used jointly for larger shows. In addition to these spaces, the Makerspace can also be used for less formal exhibitions and conferences.  

The exhibitions at Phoenix Athens help to give both local and international artists the visibility and exposure they need while creating economic opportunities for creatives. The staff at Phoenix Athens provides full support with exhibition installations and promotes gallery events as well as the sales of artwork - liaising patrons and collectors with emerging artists in Athens. Phoenix Athens guarantees the quality and value of artwork that it sells and offers incentives for purchasing or acquiring artwork.


Besides hosting & exhibiting its own shows, Phoenix Athens is interested in collaborating with other artists, curators and academic partners. For enquiries about our services, spaces or to propose an exhibition, please contact exhibitions coordinator:

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