Locals Only Residency

Phoenix Athens offers a Locals Only Residency to artists who live in Greece permanently and do not need a live in facility. Phoenix Athens offers them one of the 3 workspaces in order to develop their practice and discuss the possibility for a future exhibition.

Light Residency

The light Residency programme is for international artists who wish to practice on their skills without preparing for a final exhibition. Phoenix Athens provides the artists with a live and work facilities as well as guides and supports  them throughout their course. 

Full Residency

The full Residency combines the artistic practice with the final exhibition at the premises. The artists have the chance to experience a full live and work residency and prepare for the exhibition at the end of their course.

*All the residencies include opens studio days and educational exchanges with the community are an essential key to this programme.

For prices and details you can download the guidelines

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