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Locals Only: Professional Accelerator Residency

A great way to propel your career in the arts in Greece and abroad

This residency provides local art school graduates, emerging curators and well as mid-career artists in Greece with fast-track career training and an opportunity to develop their practice quickly through the use of our facilities and resources, as well as our network of local and international artists and art organisations.

As an effort to bolster the local economy and promote new and upcoming creative professionals, the Locals Only Accelerator Program is designed to bring professional advice and opportunities to local artists and open creative horizons to professionals and recent graduates operating within Greece.

The Locals Only Program offers production facilities, as well as assistance in developing the conceptual framework for your practice, technical skills training and professional strategies for career development.

Phoenix Athens also offers promotional services, documentation and archiving of your progress, development and output.


The program also now features a chance to live and work in Paris, France in order to assist Greek artists with a chance to broaden their professional practice outside of Greece. If you are interested in this opportunity, please let us know in your application or by emailing us at : and we can make the necessary arrangements for your residency.


*All residencies include open studio days and educational exchanges with the community and other practitioners. This is a fun, affordable and exciting way fortify your practice as either an artist or a curator and expand your horizons !

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